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Course Description

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In this course, the major issues and causes of World War l and ll will be discussed, along with a summary of the major battles, powers, and personalities (both military and political) that shaped the events and ultimate outcome of both epic struggles.  This information will give the student a working understanding of the basic history of these wars

With World War l we will learn about the developing political climate in Europe that caused the formation of  Alliances, wars were fought over disputed territories, and bitter rivalries were established. What resulted was an epic-scale struggle for the domination of a continent and, perhaps, the world itself. For the first time in the history of warfare, aerial combat was used extensively. The trench-style warfare, complete with artillery fire, barbed wire, and chemical weapons, was unlike any conflict ever seen before. The aftermath of this brutal war would resolve little and, ultimately, pave the way for establishment of Nazi Germany and the next World War.

Everything that had made the First World War such a monumental event was soon eclipsed by the colossal scale and impact of the next. World War II involved more nations and soldiers than any major war before or since. The technology was grander and more deadly. The villains were easily identifiable, worthy adversaries bent on global domination. The resistance to the Axis Powers; comprised of Germany, Japan, and Italy; was pushed to their limit in terms of providing soldiers and war materiel. The epic battles of World War II on land, through the air, and at sea were waged with ferocity unlike any other war--on two fronts.

The effects of both World War I and II cannot be underestimated, as they still impact lives and nations to this very day. The political re-structuring that occurred following the defeat of the Axis Powers left the world a very different place: the creation and use of nuclear arms, the establishment of the nation-state of Israel, the division of much of Eastern Europe, the rapid expansion of Communism throughout much of Asia and Europe, the division of Germany, America's rise to superpower status, and far more. Clearly, the aftermath and impact of these events cannot be emphasized enough.
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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define World War I terminology.
  • Describe the path to world war.
  • Summarize important events before the Great War.
  • Describe 1914 and the beginning of the war.
  • Summarize the major battles of the Great War--The Western Front.
  • Summarize the major battles of the Great War--Eastern and Italian Fronts.
  • Summarize the major battles of the Great War--beyond Europe.
  • Summarize aftermath of the war.
  • Summarize notable figures of World War I.
  • Define World War II terminology.
  • Summarize setting the stage for war: The Fall of the Weimar Republic.
  • Summarize Adolph Hitler's Life and career.
  • Summarize the other Axis Powers: Italy and Japan.
  • Describe the Phoney War.
  • Summarize the battles of France and Britain.
  • Describe the North African Campaign.
  • Summarize the Eastern Front, Italian Campaign, and the Pacific Theatre.
  • Summarize the end of the War.
  • Summarize the horrors of the Third Reich.
  • Summarize the aftermath of World War II.
  • Summarize prominent figures of World War II.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

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Course Title: World War l and ll
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Student Testimonials

  • "The written assignments were the most productive." -- nick V.
  • "[The instructor] had done an excellent job in compiling the information into well-organized lessons that were concise and easy to read. I especially enjoyed completing the assignments, as the topics certainly added to the lessons. This is an enlightening course that I would highly recommend to any one who interested in the battles and results of the First World War. Four stars for the instructor!!" -- Sara H.
  • "The instructor was very helpful!!!" -- Lisa M.
  • "Great course! The video was most help. Also, the professor graded and commented on my tests quickly." -- John L.
  • "I felt like I was able to connect easily with this instructor. The feedback from the instructor was very helpful. I enjoyed hearing from him and reading his comments on the written assignments. He was extremely well versed on the subject matter and enthusiastic on all topics included. Thanks for everything! " -- Stacey M.
  • "Good instructor." -- Robert P.
  • "The instructor was always very prompt about replying to any assignments or exam submissions." -- Chris L.